Two generations of my family who lived in Stowupland
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Stowupland: 15 February 2021 – 91 Years On

Today is Monday 15 February. Quite a significant day to me as, if she had still been alive, it would have been my mother’s 91st birthday. My mother passed away in 1986 from breast cancer. She was only 55, which age I shall reach in a few days, so today, on her birthday, I’m thinking about her and my current situation.

My Mum died when I was 19, but it was when my Dad died in 2002, that I decided to research my family history. Being the last of their children, by quite a few years, I missed out on a lot of important (and trivial) events compared to the rest of the family. Although I completely blocked out the whole of my Mum’s funeral, I listened intently at my Dad’s, and learned so many things I never knew.


I quickly became obsessed with all aspects of history. Eventually, I quit my job as a Mortgage Administrator to do a History degree at the new University of Suffolk, and after, became a Genealogist and a local Historian researching all sorts of fascinating subjects and people.

My family history was always important to me though, and when my husband, Mark and I decided to move into an older house (quite strangely, as it happens – which will be another story) we decided on a little thatched cottage in Stowupland.

Five Generations in Stowupland

The village of Stowupland sits in the heart of Suffolk and is an important place in my family’s history. My mother grew up in Kelvedon House, on The Green and my Grandfather, the lovable rogue that he was, was well known in the village (one day I hope to write a book about his antics!). Being a member of the Local History Committee, in 2018, I did a talk about my Mother and her family an the village hall called: ‘Five Generations in Stowupland’. It went down rather well with the older people in the village and brought back lots of memories! It was great to get them all talking about the old days.

My mother, Sybil Abbott in 1946

So, today is a significant day. I’m remembering not only my Mother, but the generations of my family long gone. I’m reminded why I need to keep up this fight to save my home, not only for myself and my family, but for future generations so they can enjoy the cottage and this lovely village too.

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