NFU’s Response – After we sent them Evidence of Corruption

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post. Then, I told you about the evidence of corruption we revealed and sent to them. Things have started to move again so I need to update you. What I hadn’t told you since my last blog was NFU’s response to this shocking scandal.

You’d think that NFU would be a bit nicer. Perhaps a little apologetic. Especially after everything we’ve been through and how badly we’ve been treated. Especially in light of this new evidence. But they weren’t. I was so mentally exhausted before Easter, that I just focussed on the one good thing they said. That good thing was that we could finally get the Specification that we’d been fighting so long for.

But NFU were still being awkward.

Our Home Truths and Demands

When I sent the evidence over on 30 March, I also pointed out some home truths and made some demands. Here are a few excerpts from my email:

This document proves beyond doubt how scandalous NFU Mutual have treated us under this claim and how you have allowed your loss adjuster and surveyor to make false claims about us and have then backed them up. This is at the very least defamation of character.

The contents attached make it very clear that Richard * and Gary * together, deliberately set out to sabotage our claim to save their reputations and ultimately their relationship with NFU Mutual…. That they were not removed by NFU Mutual at that point is inexcusable. You allowed this situation to develop.

If the claims department were of the impression that Mark and I were ‘inflating our claim’ prior to December 2019 according to Gary * and Richard *, then anything that happened after that was bound not to be believed. We have on so many occasions asked for the removal of Gary *. It was insulting that even very recently the claims department refused stating that the NFU are entitled to employ whoever they wished.

It is now clear beyond a doubt that the treatment we have received from NFU Mutual throughout this claim is deplorable. With this new information coming to light, your threats and bullying are scandalous and we absolutely refuse to negotiate further with [the claims handler] under any circumstances. Gary * must now be removed from any form of consultation on our claim and you should seriously consider any further appointment.

We also insist that a full investigation be carried out and we are told the truth and have a full apology. We await your confirmation that a full specification compiled by Mr L* as previously requested be agreed. We again insist that the full sum insured be awarded in settlement so that we may carry out the necessary repairs ourselves with trustworthy professionals and the rental accommodation be extended until the repairs are concluded. Other figures also need to be re-established.

If you refuse, then the only alternative will be to negotiate through the Financial Ombudsman Service. We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

NFU’s Response from the Complaints Department

Our response came at 16:39 on the 1 April. April Fools Day and the Thursday before Good Friday! Here are a few of the comments from the complaints handler.

‘Given the new information you have provided, understandably we will need to be given the opportunity to make further enquiries with those previously involved.’

What! The enquiries that we asked you to make in November 2019? And you’re not confirming that you will remove Gary from our claim!

He also stated that there were no problems whatsoever with how our claim had been handled by the claims department. They ignored our request, or rather demand, that we no longer speak to him. They said:

We have no concerns over *’s conduct or handling of the claim to-date, we are unable to agree that [he] should be removed from the claim. [He] is our appointed representative and he will continue to manage matters going forward.

He also said that we would be hearing from the claims handler – before the Easter break.

NFU’s Response from the Claims Department

And we did! At 17:10 we got our response from the claims department. He said:

We have reviewed the additional information provided to you …this information is sufficient to evidence the requirement for a revised schedule of works.

We must take this opportunity to re-iterate that the sum insured at the time of loss is the limit of indemnity for the required repairs. We will not include costs that are a direct result of poor workmanship in the sum insured, but any works that would need to be carried out anyway due to the insured event must be included in the sum insured. Using the poorly executed structural timber repairs as an example of this: The removal of incorrectly executed timber repairs will not be included in the sum insured, but the repairs that follow would be considered under the sum insured. So, whilst we will ultimately pay for both items in the example, it will be important for costs to be split between work that should have been carried out under the original schedule, and work that is required only due to poor workmanship.

We reserve our right to inspect the property once the tenders have been obtained and a contractor selected to assist with validation of the costs presented.

Please note that once the settlement amount is agreed, settlement is likely to be raised in three staged payments as the project progresses and expenditure is evidenced. Up front or interim payments can be considered if there are cash flow issues.

We look forward to hearing from you once the schedule has been compiled. If you have any doubts about whether an item should be included the schedule, or indeed any other queries or concerns, do not hesitate to get in touch.

NFU’s Response – Unbelievable

I can’t believe the audacity of this company! We were supposed to be negotiating a cash settlement. We need to be rid of this lying, cheating, nasty company once and for all. And considering the way we have been treated, they should be more than willing to do this. NFU’s response was appalling. They just don’t care about their customers. Stage payments will just have us going back begging for, arguing about and proving every single penny. We’ll be jumping through hoops and doing all the donkey work. This work should have been carried out by them years ago. Then we’ll going back to them for their approval for every little thing.

NFU Mutual truly is the nastiest company I’ve ever come across! Not one apology. No explanations. Refusal of a cash settlement. Are they trying to push me over the edge? Not even confirmation that the corrupt surveyor has been removed!

Just wait and see what comes next! You won’t believe it!

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