Professional Fees Refused by NFU Mutual

This has all taken a bad toll on me. Even now the complete and utter frustration almost brings me to tears. After sending the email almost two weeks ago now, to tell NFU how their represntatives treated us, I badly needed a break. Just for my own sanity. So, I’ve been making a small headway in my little shop. And I had been loving every minute of getting on with my life.

Back to the Grindstone

The night before last, I was flicking through Amazon Prime video looking for something to watch and I came across something I really felt that I needed to watch. It was called ‘The Little Pink House’. It was an American movie about a woman who finds her dream home. She settles in and finds peace and happiness, only to find that corrupt powerful people and a big corporation want to take it away from her. I couldn’t believe the irony! I won’t tell you the end just in case you want to watch it. It’s rather good and it’s a true story!

Then yesterday, we received a quote from Mr L saying he was all ready to go with the new specification as he’d finally heard back from the structural engineer. So, it was time to get back to the grind stone…

What About the Professional Fees You promised?

On Monday morning (19 April) I emailed NFU and requested the professional fees they’s agreed to give us. Do you remember that we asked a local and reputable firm of architects to quote us for a full ‘design and build’ project. This full service was specifically so that what happened under NFU wouldn’t happen again. All the works would be monitored so nothing could be left undone or done incorrectly! The quote they gave us was £42,000. NFU refused. The most they would be prepared to give us would be £30,000, they argued.

So, we compromised and approached their Architect. And the rest you know. Two weeks ago, their architect was finally instructed to prepare a new specification so we can see where we are. This way, we will now know what NFU’s builders did do, what they didn’t, so and what still needs to be done. NFU only agreed to this after we sent them evidence of the corruption of their Loss Adjuster and Surveyor.

So, when I emailed them on Monday, I asked them to release the £30,000 that they already promised. We don’t yet know what we’re going to do after the new specification has been prepared nor how much it will cost for professional fees. Therefore, £30,000 could cover Mr L’s appointment to prepare a specification and arrange builder’s tenders, the appointment of a structural engineer to draw up plans for the repairs and also monitor the progress when necessary. This amount could then cover and any other professional fees which will arise as the works proceed.

Mr L, the architect agreed that he would go the extra mile and personally sort out which work would be due to the insurance claim and which work would be due to the incompetence of NFU’s builders. As far as we can see, this is another compromise on our part. We are proving that we want to go home and are being reasonable with an unreasonable company, but it’s getting us nowhere.

Another ‘No’ from NFU Mutual

NFU said ‘No!’

Instead, they offered £18,000 as part payment. And they want evidence of every penny we spend. The fees, they said, were only offered as part of the cash settlement (which you may remember wouldn’t even have covered the cost of materials according to the structural engineer). NFU will only consider settling the claim in staged payments. They say they can’t see why we’re not agreeable to this, but we know that they will make our lives so complicated and cause delays and problems until all the work is done. This is the way the whole claim has been played out so why would it be any different in the future? They aren’t taking responsibility everything they’ve already put us through and it’s just despicable.

This was the last straw for me. I just can’t take any more. I actually had a breakdown this week. All my fight has gone and I can’t even bear the thought of thinking about everything let alone dealing with it. Every time I read an email or see anything addressed from NFU I cry. I’m crying half the time. Lockdown is ending and I don’t even want to go outside and meet people.

Last week was the worst. I even found myself thinking about ending the fight once and for all. It’s all so unfair and there’s no justice. Nobody cares this little cottage nor us. The local Conservation Officer and Enforcement Officer have ignored my emails asking for help with evidence about the enforcement action still outstanding on our cottage. And the Financial Ombudsman still hasn’t responded to my last email sent two weeks ago. There’s just no help for us. Big corporations always win.

NFU Are Torturing Me!

I really do believe that NFU Mutual are systemaically torturing me. Last week I phoned my counsellor as I just can’t seem to cope with it all any more. I haven’t been seeing him becasue of lockdown and I hate telephone sessions but I was so desperate. He said what’s happeneing to me is a bullying technique sometimes used in abusive relationships. One person puts the other down for so long that eventually the victim can’t take any more and loses the fight. He had a name for it but I can’t remeber it now.

Look what came this week! A letter from NFU Mutual offereing my husband car insurance. ‘Car insurance from the provider you already trust’! ‘NFU Mutual. There when you need us.’ What a joke. Was this sent to torture me?

When will this nightmare end? All of our evidence of corruption, deceit, lies and scandal ends up being swept under the carpet. Will this insurance claim ever end? When will wego home?

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