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  • Two generations of my family who lived in Stowupland
    The Cottage

    Stowupland: 15 February 2021 – 91 Years On

    Today is Monday 15 February. Quite a significant day to me as, if she had still been alive, it would have been my mother’s 91st birthday. My mother passed away in 1986 from breast cancer. She was only 55, which age I shall reach in a few days, so today, on her birthday, I’m thinking about her and my current situation. My Mum died when I was 19, but it was when my Dad died in 2002, that I decided to research my family history. Being the last of their children, by quite a few years, I missed out on a lot of important (and trivial) events compared to the…

  • The Deteriorating Cottage
    The Cottage

    My Three Year Battle with NFU Mutual for a Little Suffolk Cottage

    Hello! My name is Kim, I’m a middle aged mother of two with a history degree and a love of nature, broken things and weird stuff. I live (or rather used to live) in a little cottage in a village in Suffolk. You know the sort I mean. A cosy little home with an open fire and an all round feeling of safety and comfort? My family (my husband, our oldest son and I) moved to Pendle Cottage in June 2014 from a busy nearby town. We wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle and start a new life in the country. And found a little picturesque thatched…