We have lodged three complaints about our insurance policy over the last three years of our claim. But, we don't seem to be getting anywhere.

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    Our Response to the Insulting Reply to Our Complaint

    You may have already read the complaint response from the Group Chief Executive and my reactions in my following post. This took me four days to write and I’m really happy with the result. I think it captures much of what the NFU Mutual tried to overlook or cover up in their reply to my complaint. It also addresses the fabrications they are still insisting are true so that they can reduce the amount they pay us. So, here it is. You may want to go and get a cuppa – it’s a long one: Dear Mr Sinclair We write in response to your letter dated 17 February 2021, in…

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    Apology and Compensation: What Would You Do?

    My experience over the last three and a quarter years has been devastating in so many ways. It has affected my family and me in every area of our lives. We've lost contact with the people in our village - well before coronavirus came along. I spend over an hour a day travelling to and from the rented accomodation so that I can work from the bottom of the garden. We're still living out of boxes. We have no sofa as it's still in the cottage living room and should have been put into storage. I'm always on edge wondering what they're going to demand or deny next. Every time…

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    Response to our Complaint from the GCE of NFU Mutual

    In November 2019, I lodged a complaint to the NFU Mutual because I suspected that work being carried out on our home was incorrect. I also stated that I thought the work to be illegal because it appeared to be in breach of listed building conditions. I said that surely my home was uninsurable because it was structurally unsound. I asked them to investigate. Businesses are supposed to give a reply within 8 weeks. One year and two months later, (that’s about 62 weeks – almost eight times as long as instructed), we finally received a response from the Group Chief executive. Here’s what he had to say: Background I…