The Cash Settlement

After three sets of builders failed to repair our home, we've decided that the only option is to negotiate a cash settlement. But, it's not as simple as that. We've noticed that, recently, the NFU have have said a lot about 'your' request for a cash settlement. I thought this a little odd. Then, the Group Chief Executive, in his response to our second complaint, used this phrase in his response. He used it as a direct excuse for them agreeing to sack the builders. All very strange I thought! The thing is, it's not true! Yes, we did opt for the cash settlement. Particularly as we're so fed up with the NFU Mutual not replying to emails, taking ages to reply, and being awkward in general, but it was them who offered it to us in January 2020. They actually said - agree to having our builders back (the ones who weren't qualified and who damaged our house and told lies) or have a cash settlement! When I spoke to the Financial Ombudsman Service, our case handler shed more light on the issue - if we asked for it, the NFU Mutual can use this against us! There's a lot of 'dodgy' stuff going on with our insurance claim, and I intend to get to the bottom of it!