The NFU Mutual

The NFU Mutual are my insurance company. We chose them to insure our Grade II, listed thatched cottage in Suffolk because we thought we and our home would be well looked after. They have an excellent reputation which, in our case, they have failed to live up to. It's more than three years since we lodged our claim, after a water mains flood. Now, my dear little Suffolk cottage, my dream home, is now deteriorating by the day. Three sets of builders have damaged my home and not carried out the repairs. But instead of sorting out the mistakes they've made, the NFU Mutual are more interested in arguing about getting competitive prices than meeting their responsibilities and putting my home back together.

  • Genuine Mistakes or Downright Dishonesty?

    ‘Who’s Who’ on NFU Mutual’s Website – Page 2

    Carrying on from my post about the roles on page 1 of NFU Mutual’s ‘Handy Guide’ to who’s who in the claims process, I’m now analysing page 2 of the Who’s Who guide which can be found on the NFU Mutual’s website here. I’ve written this analysis of the handy guide as part of my explanation into the dishonesty used in our insurance claim. This post carries on from Ten Lies the NFU Mutual Told Us. Later, I’ll go deeper into each aspect of these people and our experience with them. Analysing the who’s who and other aspects of the documentation is puzzling. It’s becoming clear that the more I…

  • Genuine Mistakes or Downright Dishonesty?

    ‘Who’s Who’ on NFU Mutual’s Website – Page 1

    This post carries on from my original post Ten Lies the NFU Mutual Told Us. We lodged a claim with the NFU Mutual in November 2017, following water damage after a flood. By November 2018, and frustrated after months of inspections, reports and waiting, we were no nearer to going home. It wasn’t until we lodged our second complaint that we found the ‘Claims Who’s Who Guide’ pdf download on NFU Mutual’s website. It states: We understand that the claims process can often appear daunting and confusing, with all the technical terminology, complicated processes and different people involved along the way. We have put this handy guide together to give…

  • The Cash Settlement

    Why a Cash Settlement Offer? Our Claim with NFU Mutual

    So, if you’ve been following me on social media, you’ll know that we’re negotiating with the NFU Mutual for a cash settlement. You’ll also know that after three years and three months through a claim, we’re no closer to going home. In fact, our cottage is in a worse state than ever, though NFU Mutual are denying that it is. We could have insisted that they carry out the repairs. We could have asked that we choose the builders to do the repairs and the NFU Mutual pay them. But when we were given the option of a cash settlement, this appeared to be the least stressful way to return…

  • Genuine Mistakes or Downright Dishonesty?

    Ten Lies The NFU Mutual Told Us

    When we started our claim way back in November 2017, I didn’t know how things worked. I believed that the NFU Mutual was the insurance company, the loss adjuster was the loss adjuster, the surveyor was the surveyor, and so on. So, when I approached the NFU Mutual about the actions of their surveyor and expected them to undertake an investigation into his conduct, it was a huge surprise that nothing happened. When I asked for the umpteenth time for him to be removed, they did nothing. It wasn’t until much later that I realised I was trying to separate something which was whole, it was inseparable. Everyone appointed by…