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We’re really struggling with our insurance company. After three years the NFU Mutual are still trying to deny half the wrongs they’ve done and are not giving us the money we need to repair our home.

When we took out our insurance policy years ago, we really believed that they were the best insurance company for listed buildings. the reality is – they just don’t care. They say in their adverts that they have the best customer service but in our case we’ve received the worst. We’ve been threatened, intimidated, ignored and every other possible humiliation.

Their adverts are just lies where we have been concerned. And we don’t know why.

Take a look at the story so far in my Blog My Three Year Battle for a Little Suffolk Cottage.

If you can help get us home, please contact me. If you work with or know about:

  • listed buildings
  • home insurance
  • legal rights

Or if you think you may be able to help us in any way, I’d be so grateful for any advice.

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